The ground should be similar to the floor in the habitat of bearded dragons , which substrates such as small animal bedding or bark mulch excludes completely . Even by the often offered at the hardware store " Reptiles Trust " is urgently recommended, as this is unsuitable for the bearded dragon posture due to its nature .

The substrate should be heaped up approx 20cm high generally and are kept slightly moist in the depths ( humidity ) . As this amount is not everywhere possible equal in many terrariums , it is recommended at least to throw up a higher hill and to fill the remaining positions to the maximum.

Bonden Steppe

Playboxsand mixed with Claypowder

Playboxsand mixed with Claypowder is very popular in the terrarium. 

Most is a ratio of about 1 : 5-1 : 7 ( clay : sand ) Bodengrundrecommended, so that the ground is hard but the bearded dragon still can dig. It is important to be careful here that the playboxsand was not treated with fungicides or similar hazardous substances.

It must be ensured that the ground is not too dry and dusty.

Thus, it makes sense , in the evening to moisten the ground in some places so that 3-4 cm of ground elements are wet . The top layer dries in the morning very quickly , the lower layers remain slightly damp.

In general, the laying out of a pond liner is a good protection against moisture ( with completely untreated wood is also recommended a slight sealing )