Bearded dragons

Parasite Control:

All new reptiles should be suspected of parasites. Fecal examinations should be performed during the first 4 weeks, and every year before hibernation / winter rest.

Because the eggs oft he parasites may not appear in the first fecal examinations, collect fecal from 2-3 times.


Keep handling to a minimum.

In nature, when something picks up the dragon, the dragon is in danger and stress. Thus, handling may be stressful fort he dragon, also you can’t see it directly. In fact may even appear to enjoy being touched, excessiv handling should be avoided. The whole animal isn’t construed for tactile stimuli like cuddle or handling.

They are still individuals animals, they can recognise their carer, they are curious and snoopy.

But they don't prefere tactile stimuli or cuddle.

Important: Closed eyes = go away

Human body language, or mammal body language is other than the body language of reptile.




Female: one bulge         Male: Two bulge