Back wall

Model 4

Material: styrofoam, flex tile adhesivepolyurethane foam (PU-foam) , silicone / polysiloxane,  acrylic paint

Styrofoam pieces are attached for slabs and structure . This goes with Silicon (without fungicides and most solvent-free) or even Styrofoam glue . For large platforms even toothpicks or skewers can provide more stability.

For a more natural form , it is recommended as the pieces edit with a knife

Even with a heat gun can be wonderful shapes create (Warning , best outdoors or in well ventilated rooms )

Below about 3 layers Flex - flow adhesives are applied . Important: Each layer must be dry before applying the next layer .

The last layer tile adhesive is mixed with very thin and mixed with paint

Last step:

For a sealed but pretty rough surface:

The first layer of glue (for example wood glue 3D oder 4D) is applied pure and wait until dry . In addition, a further layer of glue which is mixed with sand . Another sand can be pressed into the wet layer.

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