Back wall

The best results can be build from styrofoam and flex tile adhesive. This really is recommended to the flexibility of the flex adhesive because such cracks by the expansion of the terrarium can be avoided better.

It is important that all materials are harmless for the animals. This means a high scratch resistance and heat resistance and UV resistance without outgassing or variation are important here. Also should always be preferred solvent-free substances.

Some components, such as polyurethane foam or epoxy resins are toxic in non-dried state, but completely dry out there is no more danger from. Pu foam should not be exposed in the terrarium, it must be covered with tile adhensive.

The color of the wall should be kept as bright as possible, because dark colors swallow a lot of light, and thus lost a lot of brightness.

A complete seal of the rear wall is not absolutely necessary in dry terrariums. It is often sufficient if the timber walls, and especially the bottom surface to be sealed.

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Model 1

 By Jaybee


Model 2

Von Jaybee


Model 3

Von Patrick Milde


Model 4

Von H. Aachen


Model 5

Von P. Kaufman

Model 1

Material: styrofoam, flex tile adhesivepolyurethane foam (PU-foam) , silicone / polysiloxane,  acrylic paint

Styrofoam pieces are attached for slabs and structure . This goes with Silicon (without fungicides and most solvent-free) or even Styrofoam glue . For large platforms even toothpicks or skewers can provide more stability.

For a more natural form , it is recommended as the pieces edit with a knife

Even with a heat gun can be wonderful shapes create ( Warning , best outdoors or in well ventilated rooms )

With PU foam may well transitions and other natural structures are introduced

Below about 3 layers Flex - flow adhesives are applied . Important: Each layer must be dry before applying the next layer .

The last layer tile adhesive is mixed with very thin and mixed with paint


Rückwandbau Geklebt

Rückwand Styropor

Rückwand Heißluftföhn


Rückwand PU Schaum

PU Schaum

Rückwand Fließenkleber

Rückwand Farbe



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