Metal halide lamps:

People often forget about the other ascpects of lighting, e.g. the light intensity. Metal halide lamps offer light, heat and even UV.

By comparison in nature bearded dragons enjoy a light intensity of 100.000 lux and more, but in normal terrariums the light intensity is much lower and most terrariums will probably not even reach 10.000 lux.

Therefore tubes and light blub don’t suffice.

For humans most terrariums might look bright but, in a normal lit room even a terrarium with only 2.000 lux will look bright

Metal halide lamps belong to the most efficient lighting technolgies. These lamps get closest to the characteristics of the sun with light intensity of 60 000 lux an more, additional shown daylight spectrum with a colour temperature of 6000K, that reptiles from desert regions prefered. 

-          Lucky reptile Bright sun Desert

-          Solar Raptor HID

-          X-Reptile

    -         MegaRay UV-Reptile

(35 watt, 70 watt and 160 watt model offer, they can still use in small terrarium)

T5 - fluorescent tubes:

Additionial to metal halide lamps fluorescent tubes are the perfect basic lighting as they distribute the light over a wide area. There you need full spectrum light, contains beside the full range of the visible part of the spectrum also some components of the UVA and UVB ranges of the spectrum. 

Good fluorescent tubes (T5):

-          Narva bio vital 950 HO

Comparison Metal halide lamp and normal light:

Left: Exo Terra Solar Glo 150w middle: Bright Sun flood 70w
Metal halide lamp
right: normal Light 70w

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